Babies through High School


From babies in the nursery to high schoolers, we are dedicated to ministering to your children. In the summer we have a Vacation Bible School as well as camp opportunities for our youth. During the school year, we have an AWANA program to instill Biblical principles and to encourage Scripture memorization.

College and Young Adult


We have a Sunday School geared toward young adults and college ages. Sunday School starts at 8:45am. Come join together with other young adults that are walking through the same stages of life as you and lift each other up as you fellowship together and pray for one another.

Kingdom Women


Kingdom Women is the name of our women's ministry. You will find ample opportunity to grow in your relationship with the Lord and in fellowship with other sisters in Christ through events and discipleship opportunities in our women's ministry year round.



Sonliters is our ministry for adults ages 55 and above. Whether it be through luncheons, local community gatherings, or trips to the smoky mountains, there is ample fellowship opportunity with our Sonliters group. We trust that you will grow most importantly in your relationship with the Lord but also in your relationship with each other as you spend time in the Word of God and with others that are walking through the same stage of life.



If you love singing to and worshiping our Heavenly Father through song, we invite you to join our Woodland Baptist Church Choir. With weekly opportunities to help lead our congregation in worship as well as other opportunities throughout the year, we would love to have you join in as we lift our voices to the Lord and offer a joyful noise of praise and thanksgiving!

Monthly Potluck Fellowship


The first Wednesday of each month, excluding the summer months, we have a church-wide potluck. This allows for fellowship time between all age groups through out the church body.



Birth Choice, located next door to Woodland, is one of the outreaches that Woodland helps to support.  Woodland also participates in the The Cooperative Program through the Southern Baptist Convention and the Madison-Chester County Baptist Association.  Many of our Sunday School classes are involved in missionary outreaches as well.  

Mission Houses

Woodland Baptist Church owns three houses that are reserved for missionaries who have come back to the United States for a temporary visit and need a place to stay until they go back to the mission field.  The homes are made available to the missionaries free of charge.  They need only pay the utilities while staying in the home.  

Food Box Program

Woodland has a Food Box Program where anyone who is in need can receive a free box of food.  A typical food box contains canned beans, canned vegetables, canned fruits, canned pasta, a box of crackers and a jar of peanut butter, ramen noodles, a box of cereal bars, a roll of toilet paper and a bar of soap along with a devotional book.  Because we rely on donations to fill our pantry, items in the food boxes are subject to change and at times, boxes may become unavailable until the pantry is replenished.  

How to receive a food box:

In order to receive a food box, you must come to the church in person with a picture ID. Boxes are limited to one per household every 3 months.  You are welcome to call before you come to insure that we currently have food boxes available. The church's phone number is 731-668-5780.

Food Boxes are distributed between the following hours:

Monday:  12:30pm - 3:30pm

Tuesday - Friday:  8:30-11:30am & 12:30-3:30pm

If you would like to make a contribution to the food pantry, you may do so by bringing non-perishable food items to the church during the hours listed above or by donating funds and designating it to the food pantry.